Now I Feel So Stupid

Okay, first I was the last one to figure out trackback. Only that I haven’t even figured it out yet. I’d say that I’m just to lazy to read the instructions, but that doesn’t change the fact that the one time I tried it I couldn’t make it work.

Still blaming it on the laziness though.

Now I wonder again. I’ve found several blog entries where bloggers talked about the search terms other people used that led those people to their blogs. Willful Exposé did it, DeAnn did it and now I see Robin did it, too. How the hell do you get that kind of information?

Is there a special site on the web that does it for you? Is it a special feature that some blogware offers? Do I have to subscribe to something? Where do I find it?

How does it work?

The worst think is that I actually work in the IT industry, so somehow I think that if anyone then I should know. But I don’t. So please tell me, because I think you do and I don’t want to die stupid.

Current mood: Feeling stupid. Not my favorite feeling.
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