The Others: It’s a Blue World

I have planned this for a long time and now I will start. There’s this whole list of blogs on the left. Yes, these are truly blogs that I visit most each and every day.

But why should you?

Here’s why you should pay a visit to Caitlin of ‚unglaubliche caitlin‘:

I will start with a little bit of history.
I started my blog last October, mostly out of boredom. I’m pleasantly surprised, by the way, at how well it turned out to be. If everything I do out of boredom would turn out to be so good I wouldn’t be bored anymore, but I digress.
I don’t even remember why I chose Blogger. I guess there must have been some blog I surfed on that was also made via Blogger, so I just clicked the link and signed up. I made some entries for my profile, also including my favorite musicians. Katell Keineg always comes up when I’m asked for that. So, on Blogger you can just click on any of the favorites and you get a list of all the bloggers who also included it on their profile.

So I clicked on Katell Keineg. For a reason I still don’t understand, nobody in this whole wide world has heard of her. At least I haven’t met someone before. I have met someone who knew Lori Carson and someone who knew Jane Siberry, but that’s about it.

Caitlin did know her. That was intriguing enough for me to start reading her blog. She hadn’t started blogging but about two months before I did. She was nearly my age. From what I can tell from her blog she was born one week before me.

I was a lurker for some days until she practically urged me to comment on one of her posts and so I did. So, basically that’s when we met.

What can I say about Caitlin? I’d like to make it easy for me and just send you there to see for yourself. But I think I shouldn’t get away that easy.

Caitlin’s blog is one of the most honest blogs I have found so far. As she talks about her struggles, her wants, her fears, her desires and everything I find myself thinking that I may not ever be able to write entries like hers, because I would never be that honest to myself, let alone the rest of the world.
She lets me take part in all those things that happens in her world without compromise. Although it’s a blue world sometimes, it’s mostly a world like – I would say – yours and mine, and then again it’s like nobody else’s but hers.
I’m running out of words here… just go and explore for yourself. It’s definitely worth it.

What? You’re still here? What the fuck are you still doing on my blog?
Go here!