Muddling Through WordPress Widgets

Since I am now using widgets to put together my sidebar I ran into the problem of adding a bit more customized content to the sidebar. However, I managed to add my latest tweet from twitter plus a cute photo experiment to the sidebar by using the Test widget.

Now I was wondering whether I am recklessly misusing the Text widget or if it is actually intended and frequently used for any kind of customized content that you want to add to your sidebar (if you’re using widgets, because otherwise you can just customize your sidebar any way you want).

The nice thing about that widget is that it just lets you enter basically any input into the text box, be it HTML or JavaScript and it will work. Plus, you can add more than one text widget to the sidebar, so you are totally flexible as to where to display what.

I just noticed that once again, I’d be a good candidate for here. So let me google that for… well… me.

I also have to get used to that new keyboard. I finally got rid of that old keyboard and (still kind of beloved) trackball that nobody but me could use properly (the mouse, not the keyboard). Feels strange, but I guess I’ll get used to it. (By the way, I didn’t go out and buy the new equipment. This is a household where you need a cable for something and you look into the cable drawer because if you’re lucky there’s the one you need amongst the fifty other cables. So sometimes we do have new wireless keyboards just collecting dust on the shelves.)
Old and New