Not That Close, So Really No Cigar

Unless I manage to read six books by the end of today I failed my yearly goal to read one book a week. On the other side, 46 is still a lot of books and when I scanned the list just a moment ago, I realized that I might not have read as much this year, but there were some pretty darn good books among those I’ve read and I won’t have any problems coming up with my yearly top ten this time.

And just a couple of minutes ago, right before I jumped out of bed to get dressed and do the last grocery shopping of the year I finished The End of Mr. Y which, unless I really missed something, you’ll be likely to find somewhere on the aforementioned top ten list.

This year was also the year when I started parallel reading. I still mostly do that when books differ in genre so much that I couldn’t ever confuse them, but I did it a lot more often than I used to.

For the complete top ten books I read in 2008 you’ll have at least to wait a couple of days more. And who knows, maybe I’ll make it to 47 books if I do nothing else but curl up in bed and read all day today. But to be honest, I highly doubt that, so The End of Mr. Y will probably be the last book I read this year and it’s a good book to end with, just as The Stolen Child was a good choice to start the year with.