Now, are these just plain fugly or are they actually kind of cool? I’m still not sure.

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  1. ash Says:

    the white one’s cool.

  2. srah Says:

    I can’t decide either.

  3. caitlin Says:

    i think it depends on the setting.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I agree; I like the white one. But I think a lot of it is the angle of the photo and the really cool wood finish of the table… That, and I love faux squirrels.

  5. srah Says:

    They are cool to look at in a photo, but I don’t want that glitter in my house. Glitter gets everywhere. It is the herpes of craft supplies.

  6. Babeth Says:

    Yep they’re cool! I love this picture I do prefer the black one if I may say 🙂

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