I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Augsburg, where my husband has a job for today and tomorrow (not at the coffee shop, but in Augsburg of course), so I can walk the town alone by day and later tonight he will join me in exploring.

I hoped that maybe going to the southern part of Germany meant I’d get snow, but it seems I don’t have such luck these days. I got some snow on our way here, though, which was partly really cool, really beautiful and really scary. As for the beautiful and cool, here’s how the trees looked along the highway:

Snow Trees

I haven’t done much so far other than aimlessly walking the streets and taking a picture now and then. So that’s what you get while I finish my Couscous salad and small Caramelito. Amazingly, you still get coffee in small sizes here, which is a concept I can hardly grasp as the Starbucks addict that I am. Also amazingly, you are allowed to smoke in here. I’m too used to Starbucks it seems.






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