Easter Vacation (or Something Like That)

My original plans for Easter was something like that: Spend the time at home and get things done, like read, watch TV, and work through those books on CSS and AJAX that I treated myself to. I also had planned some cooking, baking and cleaning.

Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out. So the husband had promised his parents, who live all the way down in Konstanz, to come visit them on the Easter weekend. He had kind of done that without even asking me, so all I could do was say yes or no to going with him. We then started a two-day pouting contest, the winner of which would get his way. Now it turns out that though I am an excellent pouter, my husband isn’t that bad as well. In fact he’s really, really good. Add to that the feeling of guilt that I get when I’m reminded of the fact that we hardly see his parents, plus the fact that my mother-in-law adores me (no, it’s true). Bottom line: he won.

Clever girl that I am I made a deal with him, that deal including that I’d get to do some grocery shopping and we would drive home after breakfast on Sunday. The thing is not so much that I wanted to shorten the time with his parents-in-law, but I had an urgent need to lengthen the time here in my own home. Because, let’s be honest, this is the place where I can seriously concentrate on my reading and where if I happen to get sleepy while spending half of the day in bed reading, I can just put the book aside and fall asleep. Heck, I don’t even need to put the book aside if I want to get real crazy. And, though theoretically I could do the same thing at my parents-in-law, it would feel kind of rude.

So we drove there and we spend half of Friday and the whole Saturday there. I met my sister-in-law for the first time and two of what would technically be my nieces, a thought that scares the hell out of me. Me? An aunt? Are you kidding me? And then on Sunday morning we packed our bags and headed home.

It was only then that we kids got really crazy and decided to stop at Heidelberg, which was on our way and supposedly a pretty town. It is indeed a pretty town. We walked around a bit and then had lunch and then we continued our way home and got here around 5 pm on Sunday, which left me with nearly one day and a half to do all the things I planned to do. Naturally it feels like I got nothing done.