Emotionally Wrecked

I learned today that you should not read the last 80 pages of ‚The Time Traveler’s Wife‘ on the train. I spent about one hour trying to hold back my tears as best as I could, still I couldn’t prevent my eyes getting watery. I didn’t cry though. At least not while I was on the train.
I spent the whole evening yesterday reading and starting on page 300 and something I finally gave in and started to cry. This is especially unusual since I hardly ever cry over books. I cry easily over a TV show or a movie, very easily, but it takes a lot to make me cry over a book. Well, this one did it. And I’m still an emotional wreck. I finished the book this morning and I find myself thinking about it and then I want to be home and be in a bed and cry into my pillow. Sniff.
Although this first paragraph contains mild spoilers I hope I didn’t actually ruin the joy of reading this book for anyone. Because you should. Definitely. And you too.

I read that Hollywood already got the film rights, which is okay for me. I don’t mind movies based on books as I know other people do. But then I read (and I hope it’s just a rumour) that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston want to be Henry and Clare. Oh no, please, noooo! I don’t even not like Mr. Pitt and Mrs. Aniston, but they are so not Henry and Clare. I couldn’t even tell you who I think that (in case there is a movie) should play their roles, but I can tell you who shouldn’t and those two are on that list.

Now I have to find something new to read, since I got so hooked on this book that it didn’t take me more than four days to finish it. I still have Vanity Fair, but that doesn’t compare and I find it very exhausting. I usually have no problems reading books in English, but Vanity Fair uses that strange old language and I think I don’t even get half of the allusions and idioms and I get all mixed up with the names, so I can’t usually read more that 10 pages in a row. And this book is really long.

Current mood: Oh, please, don’t ask. This world just is unfair.
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