Sneezing Things and the Laughing Baby

I caught a nasty cold again. It doesn’t feel so long since the last one. For me it usually starts with a sore throat. Then it’s two nights of restless sleep, because swallowing hurts so much it makes me want to punch the wall or something equally distracting. Then you’ll have me sniffling, coughing and fishing for some compassion for a couple of days and then it’s gone. It’s always, always the same and I hate it. I hate it even more, because I know exactly what’s coming and I know that there’s nothing I can do that makes it go remarkably better other than… well,… suck it up basically.

In other news, today at lunch someone asked whether anybody else had seen the sneezing panda video already and OMG, I had. I guess I have seen it twice in a row, because I really needed to see it again to understand what was happening. The thing that really caught me off guard there was that I couldn’t get the idea in my head that it’s a 15 second video of a baby panda. Sneezing. Again. 15 seconds of. A baby panda. Sneezing. And people around the world have seen it and they’re talking about it at lunch. About a sneezing baby panda. This is an insane world, guys, but then again, these things make so very happy. Nothing beats the laughing baby, though. (And I can proudly admit that it was indeed my parents who introduced me to that one. Plus, we think that my cousin had a very similar laugh when he was a toddler, the same one who could do an amazing imitation of a guinea pig before his voice broke.)

PS: I’m still working my way through GREG RUTTER’S DEFINITIVE LIST OF THE 99 THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED ON THE INTERNET UNLESS YOU’RE A LOSER OR OLD OR SOMETHING and some of these things are hilarious and some of them scare me a bit.