Monday Link and Video Dump

So, here’s what I have been up to (in no particular order)…

Watching and loving Smart Girls at the Party. From the four episodes I’ve seen so far, I think this one’s my favorite:

Watching and loving this season’s American Idol. I’m now a bit town, but I think I got it figured out now. I want Adam Lambert to win, just because I love him and it would be so damn cool, but from a musical point of view I’d probably buy Kris Allen’s record. Here’s why:

Writing twitter poems at twitter magnets: Here, here and here.

Marvelling at featured workspaces on lifehacker. Who knew I’d ever yearn for an office cubicle, but hell, if it looks like this, I’ll take it. I like the monochrome one, too. Plus, that’s my coffee mug! Hey!

Wondering whether I should paint some more walls when the husband is away in Boston for two weeks. Sorry, can’t show you pictures or links, because it hasn’t happened yet. It might though. I’m thinking blue and brown for the bedroom, but am still unsure what I should do with my tiny office. Any suggestions?